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FreeStore Future

May 31, 2024

Steven Lamy
Major: Arts Management
Class of 2026

The FreeStore’s promotion of sustainability and community is a valuable resource on this campus. Since joining the FreeStore team, I have gotten to watch it grow from a forgotten echo to a strong presence. But we’re not done yet. Art being such an integral part of this campus means that in order for the FreeStore to continue its success, Art must be a part of its growth. Students displaying art in the Free Store would not only build community but also encourage visitation. This could even transcend disciplines—sculptures, music shows, poetry reading—and elevate the FreeStore into a creative space that also promotes sustainability. As an Arts Management major, this intersection of sustainability and art is so exciting; it sparks conversation and new innovative ways to be sustainable. The FreeStore is for everyone, and the Purchase community should feel that when visiting. The FreeStore has come a long way, and it’s only getting better from here.