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The Economics of the FreeStore

May 31, 2024

John Gonzales
Major: Economics
Class of 2024

Other than the fact that it’s a “store”, it is more than just a local place of commerce that exists at our college. The Freestore is a place where students and faculty had a place to get access to resources where it might be harder to obtain in other places for free. When I started my first shift at the Freestore, I knew that things could use a change While there were many people who came in each time I was working there, which was more than I expected there to be, there is still a significant amount of Purchase Students who do not even know about the existence of the Freestone. The demand for items and commodities at the Freestore are extremely high and seeing it all happen in real time was very fascinating for me to see.

A project I helped work on was the emptying of the Alumni Freenew shed on April 27th. With the help of my other fellow interns, we were able to clean out the last remaining Freenew shed and transport the items to the Freestore in a timely manner. It was a relief to display more items for students and faculty to select for their personal needs. I was very pleased on how extensively the Freestore was able to serve our community at SUNY Purchase.