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Greenwich Land Trust internship. by Eric Beilin

May 26, 2022

This summer provided me with the opportunity to intern with the Greenwich Land Trust (GLT). I first learned of this internship during a career fair at SUNY Purchase. As an Environmental Science major, I was of course interested. I have had little experience in actual field work and felt that this would be a good way to develop my skills in that area. I also learned that the organization was beginning the transition to a new software and felt that I could contribute to this project. Before switching to Environmental Science, I had previously studied both Computer Science and Information Analysis. This internship allowed me to incorporate these skills into a new field and gain valuable experience.

While at GLT, I spent most of my time on two projects. The first was helping to develop, plan, and build over two miles of trail in the newly acquired Converse Brook Preserve. We designed a trail that would avoid most of the major wetlands and important habitat in order to allow visitors to access the site without creating major disturbances. The second project was to integrate the organizations existing data into their new software. This also required setting up various workflows within the software to improve efficiency.