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2020. Tree species richness in different environments!

December 18, 2020
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How rich can a tree be in different environments? Is it in urban or maybe suburban? Find out more in this latest tell all research of tree diversity.

By Sammy Jimenez

Which environment had the highest species richness? which environment had the overall most diversity? Recent research investigated which environment has the most species richness and tree circumference. In Amanda, Paola, Julie and Joshua`s research rural environments showed the highest amount of species richness and urban showed the highest circumference in a tree. Not only did they find out the highest tree with species diversity and circumference, but they contributed to spreading how urbanization is leading to less species diversity and protecting and preserving forested land is essential to urban systems and the environment.

With climate change being such a warming topic in today`s world knowing that there is less species diversity in human populated areas and that more green forested areas are needed to be preserved in these urban populated areas shows the effect of climate change. While not all questions may be known excellent research like this help us understand and push the idea of the effects of climate change.

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