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2020. The best locations to see more blue jays!

December 18, 2020
  • Word cloud for this group’s project looking at blue jay foraging preferences

I have some interesting information for bird-heads out there, the best place to see blue jays foraging according to this study is in covered areas! #nosunscreenrequired

By Kyle Starkey

Birds in cities seem so much less shy than birds in more natural places, am I right? If you’re into birds I have a few tips for you! A study done by Sammy, Ryan, Andrew, and Eric concluded that blue jays prefer to feed in covered areas. The birds had a longer feeding time in covered areas. This is a response to their behavioral syndromes in a changing environment. Get your binoculars and look under shaded areas!

The world is becoming more and more urbanized with every year that passes. Studies like this are essential now more than ever to understand the impacts of humans on creatures. Plus, it is handy to know the best places to bird watch!

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