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2020. Hide your bird feeder! Blue jays will love it!

December 18, 2020
  • Blue Jay eating at bird feeder

Wistful Hub Dining Hall Announcement: OPEN AIR DINING ONLY (except for the blue jays, they can go inside)

By AJ Jacobus-Osserof

SUNY Purchase Chartwells is excited to announce that the Hub is finally ready to reopen with a brand new outdoor seating area. Below are a few key facts about the reopen, including some exciting upcoming community collaborations:

  • The “to-go only” policy is still in effect.
  • Please take note that NO OUTDOOR SEATING is to be used by students
  • In efforts to collaborate with the Environmental Club we will be installing bird feeders under each table.
  • Recent findings from our very own students found that blue jays spend more time foraging under covered areas than they do out in the open.
  • Take note that there are now birdfeeders hanging from the underside of all tables. The hope is that even though we wont be able to enjoy the outdoors together, we can give some empty spots to birds who prefer a little more privacy.

Birds might just be the only animals we should be allowing to eat in covered areas during the year of 2020. *

*All jokes aside, some pretty cool research was done by Purchase students who found that blue jays spend more time at birdfeeders in covered areas than they do in open areas. This is great info for all of us at home who want to lend a helping hand to the creatures out there but don’t know where to start