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December 06, 2017

By: Brian Doherty, Samanatha Robinson, Alexa Youre-Moses

Isabella Worbel, Georgie Humphries, and Daniel Demopoulos took what they learned in their ecology class and took it out on the field. They were looking at the different types of bugs and how often the bugs were found in three types of areas. (Even though Isabella is afraid of bugs… How can you do a project on bugs when YOU’RE AFRAID OF BUGS? That’s dedication. #respect)


The three types of areas were areas with low bushes, areas with tall trees, and areas with a mix of both. They shook trees and dragged a sheet in order to catch bugs in these different areas. They found that low bushes had the most types of insects but the areas with a mix of tall trees and low bushes had the most bugs. BUZZ BUZZ.