At the end of July 2019, President Thomas J. Schwarz retired as President of Purchase College. There is no better way to thank President Schwarz for his years of service and incredible commitment to Purchase than to invest in the very thing most dear to him: the success of its students.

The Thomas J. Schwarz Make an Impact Fund was established to build on President Schwarz’s legacy by providing qualifying students with access to emergency grants that enable them to stay in school and earn their degrees even when overwhelmed by a short-term financial crisis.  Whether an accident, illness, death of a family member, fire, or other emergency, the fund will provide much-needed support when all other resources have been exhausted.  The grants are not intended to replace or supplement existing financial aid and do not have to be repaid.

With a gift of any amount to the Thomas J. Schwarz Make an Impact Fund, you will honor President Schwarz and help students who are facing emergency situations stay in school, earn their degrees, and enter the world Thinking Wide Open

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