Do not include the capitalized The at the beginning of a school or conservatory name, unless it is begins a sentence: Six undergraduate majors are offered by the Conservatory of Music in the School of the Arts at Purchase College, State University of New York. The conservatory also offers graduate programs leading to an MM, artist diploma, and performers certificate.

The use of the ampersand is discouraged in running text unless it is part of a formal name (School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education). Ampersands may be used for graphic purposes in promotional materials and tabular materials. See Ampersands under General Style Preferences.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of Film and Media Studies
School of Humanities
School of Natural and Social Sciences
School of the Arts
Conservatory of Dance
Conservatory of Music
Conservatory of Theatre Arts
School of Art+Design (note use of the plus sign with no letter spacing)

School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education (note use of the ampersand)

In first references that include both the name of the college and the name of a school or conservatory, separate the two references to avoid excessively long proper names: 

The Conservatory of Dance in the School of the Arts at Purchase College offers both BFA and MFA programs.
The School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education at Purchase College provides educational opportunities for both matriculated and nonmatriculated students throughout the year.

Note: As outlined by President Schwarz in September 2011, all public promotional materials and documents featuring programs, events, or other news within the School of the Arts must prominently display School of the Arts on top of the name of the academic unit. This includes internal broadcast emails, posters, and all other promotional materials. This can be accomplished by incorporating the naming hierarchy as a logotype in the design of the email template, poster, display ad, or other material.

Updated April 27, 2017