alumni registrations as of April 15, 2018

Eugene Andreassi Class of 1984 History
Joyce Arias Class of 2012 New Media
Woryeneh Benson Class of 2013 Arts Management
Stephanie Blum Class of 2013 Arts Management
Iris Bodre Class of 1998 Literature
Courtney (van Houten) Boucher Class of 2010 Liberal Arts
Jennifer (McKee) Burns Class of 1987 Visual Arts
Donna Cris Caivano Class of 1978 Dance
Lilliam Calderin-Waymyers Class of 1998 Drama Studies
Laura (Dick) Cameron Class of 1978 Culture & Society
Laura Cameron Class of 1978 Culture & Society
Martin Caro Class of 2017 Liberal Studies
Vanessa Cavanagh Class of 2012 Political science
Tiffany (Yusko) Charles Class of 2006 Music
Sidra Chaudhary Class of 2006 Psychology
Kevin Collymore Class of 2010 Political Science
Beth (Simons) Cosentino Class of 1993 Dance
Rob Cosentino Class of 1993 Film
Audrey Cozzarin Class of 1979 Visual Arts
Valerie DeJesus-Steele Class of 1994 Sociology
Elisa Donahue Class of 2008 Journalism
Madelyn Dupre Class of 1982 Language and Culture
Julie Eigenberg Class of 1981 Culture and Society B.A.L.A.
Natalie Eilbert Class of 2008 Creative Writing / Literature
Bubba Fanelli Class of 1981 Design Technology
Ron Fassler Class of 1979 Acting
Suzanne (Suzie) Fateh Class of 1983 Fine Arts
Bonnie Feinzig Class of 1985 Political Science
Michael Feldman Class of 1978 History
Paul Feldstein Class of 1977 Literature
Denise Fiacco Class of 1996 Chemistry
Allan Forbes Class of 2013 Media Studies and Communication
Tristan Fox Class of 2017 Liberal Studies
Jeremy Gerard Class of 1977 English
Bryan Golden Class of 1978 Environmental Science
Adaira Greco Class of 2016 Psychology
Kameko Green Class of 2007 History
Rob Hart Class of 2004 Journalism
Madison (Maddie) Hartke-Weber Class of 2017 Theatre and Performance
Nethia Heyward Class of 1998 Drama Studies
Joseph Huertas Class of 1998 Fine Arts
Nina Irizarry Class of 2013 Media, Society, and the Arts
Catania James Class of 2007 Language and Culture
Bob Kahan Class of 1979 Sociology
Paula Kelly Class of 1979 Graphic Design/Photography
Shanethea Kinlaw Class of 2017 Communications
Therese (Teri) (Kinney) Kosten Class of 1978 Psychology
John Kovach Class of 1985 Visual Arts
Michele (Fitzgerald) Koziara Class of 1978 Dance
Alexander Koziara Class of 1979 Theater Design and Technology
Gretchen Kraus Class of 1993 BFA
Max Lenik Class of 2013 Anthropology
Alyson Lopez Class of 2012 Biology
Diana Malacarne Class of 2013 History
Andrew Marinaccio Class of 2009 Journalism
Philip (Phil) Marion Class of 1981 Biology
Scott Mason Class of 2005 Studio Composition
Marcus Maurice Class of 2017 Liberal Studies
Lauren McAllister Class of 2008 Journalism
Lashaun McCalla Class of 2001 Liberal Studies
Alexia Mendez Class of 2017 Psychology
Anjanette (Angie) Merric Classes of 2011 and 2018 BA Economics, MA Entrepreneurship
Albert Mignone Class of 1978 Social Science
Sylvia (Schlappi) Mills Class of 1982 Art History
Corey Morgano Class of 1993 Drama Studies
Charlotte Morris Class of 2015 Anthropology
Samantha Moulin Class of 2004 Liberal Studies
Michael (Mike) Murphy Class of 2008 Journalism
Clovia Ng Class of 1988 Graphic Design
Emily O’Leary Class of 2006 Art History
Sherley Olopherne Class of 2002 Liberal Studies
David Pacht Class of 1979 Theatre Arts
Jamie Pasquarella Class of 2012 Liberal arts
Anthony Pellegrino Class of 2008 Arts Management
Suellen (McAvoy) Peluso Class of 1977 Microbiology
Felice Piggott Class of 1978 Literature
Michael Prudhom Class of 1979 Political Science
Jeffrey Putman Class of 1996 Political Science
Richard Redlon Class of 2016 Economics
Maria  (Falck) Reina Class of 1984 Dance
Sparkle (Dixon) Richardson Class of 2008  
Denise Roberts Hurlin Class of 1984 Dance
Jonathan (Jon) Robertson Class of 2012 Film
Rose Robinson Class of 2012 Anthropology
Alex Rodman Class of 2009 Cinema Studies
Gregoriann (Daly) Rollins Class of 1980 Theatre Arts
Susan Rollins Class of 1977 Anthropology
Pietro Rotondo Class of 1988 Literature
Yaritza Santana Class of 2014 Liberal Arts Legal Studies
Amy Schneider Class of 1979 Arts 
Dave Settanni Class of 2009 Economics
Charles Shuler Class of 1994 Sociology
Morgan Strand Class of 2008 Liberal Studies
Sara Strauss Class of 2011 Creative Writing
Paul Sturm Class of 1979 Music
Laura Sturza Class of 1982 Culture and Society
Allison Sywyk-Hanson Class of 1992 Psychology/Sociology
Dalton Taylor Class of 2003 Music
Laura Thomas Class of 1995 BFA - Voice Performance
Natisha Thomas Class of 2006 Liberal Studies, Communications and Media
Rocco Tricarico Class of 1980 Urban Affairs and Public Policy
Nelly Van Bommel Class of 2004 Dance
Doug Varone Class of 1978 Dance
Danielle Villano Class of 2013 Creative Writing
Kandice Whitaker-Taylor Class of 2002 Liberal Studies
Kimberly Whitehead Class of 2013 Journalism
Tarissa Whitley Class of 2010 Legal Studies
Lester Williams Class of 2006 Liberal Studies
Melanie Xenakis Class of 2012 Biology
Jacqueline Zubeck Class of 1990 English / Liberal Arts
Daniel Zuckerman Class of 2015 Journalism