Submitting Grant Applications

The Office of Sponsored Programs assists faculty and staff in submitting grant applications, including:

  • Finding funding sources
  • Interpreting grant guidelines
  • Ensuring proposals meet application, Purchase College, and Research Foundation policies and guidelines
  • Constructing budgets
  • Preparing applications for submission
  • Submission of proposal applications
  • Review of interim and final reports to grant sponsors

After a Grant Has Been Awarded

The Office of Sponsored Programs also manages grant and contract financial information after the grant has been awarded. The office works with faculty and staff to ensure the accurate use of funds and appropriate documentation of that use. The office:

  • Reviews requisitions, receipts, purchase orders, travel payment requests, and personnel forms
  • Checks the grant/contract budget before approving expenditures, to ensure that expenses are allowable, allocable, and reasonable
  • Reviews and processes time sheets and payroll matters
  • Establishes internal controls
  • Monitors cost sharing
  • Reviews budget narrative; reviews Research Foundation abstract; reviews notice of grant award; reviews award letter; reviews terms and conditions of grant or contract award
  • Stays on top of financial compliance issues