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Jay Woods ’01

Jay Woods ’01 has carved a unique place in the scenic design world with JWD / Jay Woods Design. It’s a resource for scenic fabricators, theatrical designers, and production electricians, offering lighting design and expert assistance in merging lighting into scenic environments.

Woods spent the first 15 years of his career as a lighting designer. Along the way, he developed a niche talent for designing and implementing lighting into complex scenic environments, which led him to technical design, designing lighting into scenery for Broadway productions, and onto broadcast and other themed entertainment applications.

JWD merges both crafts, lending unique perspectives on each for live events, television, outdoor festivals, and more.

Recent projects include:

  • The massive wings that suspend singer Carrie Underwood above the stage on her Denim and Rhinestones tour.
  • Scenic electrics in the candidate podiums and deck platforms, as well as the custom star ring for CNN Democratic Presidential Debates.

  • Technical design for the electrics in key scenic elements in Broadway’s A Strange Loop.