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Toivo Asheeke

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Toivo Asheeke teaches courses on global black radical history, social/anti-colonial movements, race/racism, historical-sociology, African History (post-1800), Black Atlantic/slavery studies, and political economy. He is currently in the process of publishing his manuscript titled ‘The Ball of Liberation is in Our Hands’: Black Consciousness, Black Power and South Africa’s Armed Struggle (2021-tentative). This work uncovers the hidden role Black Nationalist political organizing, working in interlocution with global Third World trends, had during the fight against the settler colonial regime in South Africa. It seeks to expand our understanding of the different political motivations Black South Africans utilized to imagine and build a free South Africa/Azania outside of the politics and praxis of the African National Congress (ANC). 

More About Me

Going forward, he wishes to do similar work on Zimbabwe and Namibia and their liberation struggles. Moreover, Toivo also seeks to do work with scholars and activists to document and analyze the impact and importance of the Black Lives Matter Movement in the USA and globally. His research and teaching interests are reflected perhaps most strongly in the social justice activism on and off-campus since his days in undergrad at Earlham College and in graduate school in SUNY-Binghamton.