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The Value of a Purchase Education

The value our graduates bring to the workforce begins with our commitment to providing experiential learning opportunities.

I am continually impressed by the value that Purchase College graduates provide to the workforce. For many, it begins with the practical, hands-on learning they experience at here at Purchase.

Senior Project

All of our students, regardless of major, must complete a senior capstone project; an original work in a chosen form—research paper, film, book, exhibition, performance—that demonstrates not only the application of knowledge acquired through a liberal arts education and relevant to our larger society, but also the development of skills useful in any field—critical thinking, organization, defending an argument, and collaboration, among others.

The benefits are far-reaching. Recently, Associate Professor of Psychology Paul Siegel had his research published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet Psychiatry. Three former students who worked on this research for their senior projects are listed as co-authors: Juliana Campos-Lopes ’14 (psychology, anthropology minor), Virginia Sims ’14 (psychology and philosophy, biology minor), and Lilly Murray ’14 (psychology, mathematics/computer science minor).

Practical Learning

Purchase College students are incredibly resourceful and career-oriented. Many have gained practical experience from various activities contributing to a work environment, such as supporting a family business, holding a part-time job, or securing an internship through their academic program.

College surveys consistently confirm that Purchase students are highly engaged in their careers while in college. Most recent data indicates:

  • 81% report having at least one applied learning experience, such as internships, service learning, or studying abroad, in addition to their senior projects.
  • 70% report their senior project was either “directly related” or “related” to their first destination employment following graduation.
  • 75% report having a part-time job while in school.
  • Our graduates seek employment in many industries. The top 5 include arts, business, education, health science/technology, public service/law, and communications.

Career Connections

Please visit our Career Development Center website to learn more about the many activities and resources available to all students and alumni. It’s never too early to begin planning for internships, study abroad experiences, or part-time jobs. There’s even a page with information just for Parents and Families.


Dennis Craig
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management