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Chris Gorman Memorial Award

The Christopher Gorman Memorial Award was established in memory of Purchase College alumnus Christopher Gorman ’79 (acting) who passed away in 2001 from AIDS complications at the age of 45.

The Award was established by a dedicated group of fellow alumni that wanted to honor Gorman’s legacy at the College and help future graduates in the Acting BFA Program. Purchase College is grateful for the generous support of the many alumni that made this award possible, including the founding Committee: Lisa Altomare ’79, Cecile Callan ’79, Bijou Clinger ’79, Leigh Dillon ’79, Ron Fassler ’79, Shawn Judge ’79, and Scott Rhyne ’79.

Gorman believed in the theater’s ability to entertain, educate, and transform. He kept the program to every show he saw, from high school productions to Broadway plays, with meticulous notes on how much he paid for his ticket, where he sat, and of course, his personal critique of the production. Gorman defined his time at Purchase College as “being the best thing that ever happened to me, and my four years there were the happiest in my life…You can’t imagine what I feel whenever I see a Purchase School of the Arts graduate succeed in their vocation.”