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Our Alums’ Futures

Are a Top Priority

During FY19-20, the Career Development Center, in collaboration with the Office of Alumni Engagement, continued to work with Purchase alumni, helping them navigate career options and develop strategies for meaningful and successful futures.

  • 230 In-house career counseling appointments with alumni were held.

  • 56 Cyber counseling and resume critiques occurred.

  • 15,341 Alumni are registered with Purchase College’s Jobscore platform.

Did You Know?

When in-person events were canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis, our Alumni Office quickly moved to a new model for engagement: virtual events. Between April and June, 21 virtual events were held, in which 67 alumni participated as volunteer speakers and panelists, covering a wide variety of topics including managing stress; finding a job during COVID; navigating a bear/bull market in a series on finances; and exploring different career tracks in a series on the entertainment industry. Additional events included writing workshops, a panel with former athletes, a mental health discussion; and a virtual networking workshop. Turnout was impressive with 616 alumni and community members attending.