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Time’s Up on Racism

At 8:46am on Monday, August 17, the oversized green clock at the center of campus was stopped.

The time of 8:46 represents the last 8 minutes and 46 seconds of George Floyd’s life. Mr. Floyd was killed while in handcuffs, by a police officer’s knee on his neck, in broad daylight, while being recorded, on the street in Minnesota.

This symbolic stopping of the clock launches a new initiative on campus. In solidarity with the peaceful protesters and in memory of Mr. Floyd and other Black victims, Purchase College will literally and figuratively stop the clock on racism and bias on our campus.

The clock will restart once our campus community of faculty, staff, and students has broadened our understanding and awareness of implicit and explicit biases by completing virtual online bias training, the first step in our deep commitment to actual change.

In addition to the online training module, we will provide previously planned, multi-series, multi-level in-person interactive trainings for every stakeholder group on campus.

Learn more about the Nine Actions for Change and join our efforts as we work towards a more equitable campus community.