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The 5 Best Things About the CMFT

The Center for Media, Film, and Theatre The Center for Media, Film, and Theatre opened this fall.

The original architectural plan for Purchase College included a building to house the Conservatory of Theatre Arts and Film (now known as the Conservatory of Theatre Arts). The New York State financial crisis of the late 1970s thwarted those plans.

Good news for students attending Purchase from 2019 and beyond: a state-of-the-art building—the Center for Media, Film, and Theatre—is a reality and opened this fall. We asked Agustín Zarzosa, associate professor of cinema studies and chair, School of Film and Media Studies, to name the 5 Best Things About the New CMFT.

  1. A main entrance to the campus featuring the visual and media arts prominently as well as a campus Welcome Center.

  2. An intimate screening room that seats 43 to foster the cinephile community on campus.

  3. Flexible performance spaces, including a sound stage, performance studio, and black box theatre to encourage our students’ inventiveness. 

  4. Spaces dedicated to the creative uses of technology, such as a laser/3D print room and computer, digital photo printing, and AV labs.

  5. The work that our students will produce and perform here in the years to come.

Rendering from Above: The CMFT is the grey building in the middle of the map.