Business Thinking for Creative Entrepreneurs


1:00pm  — 2:30pm



Presented by:
Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch, Founder & CEO, Mavyn | Marketing Strategist | Startup Advisor
Purchase College, SUNY: B.A. English Literature and Visual Arts, Design
New York University:  M.A. Graphic Communications Management & Technology

Hosted by the Career Development Center. Co-sponsored with the Office of Community Engagement, Alumni Engagement, and Entrepreneurship in the Arts.

Open to all students and alumni!

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Even business-savvy creatives get the blues…

While you may have talent, passion, and vision, business thinking is often the missing link.

Questions like: who is my target market, which industry employs people like me, what’s the best way to communicate with my audience, how do I reach them, how will my business make money, and is my business even viable go largely unasked.

There are lots of reasons for this. You’re spending time honing your craft and developing your talent. The reason you went into the arts in the first place is precisely that you don’t want to deal with the business side of things.

Maybe there’s a feeling of overwhelm at having one more thing to do. “You mean on top of a portfolio, website, and Linkedin I have to think about marketing myself too?” More likely it’s just not knowing where to start or how to integrate thinking about yourself as a brand—or your work as a business.

Using real-world examples, this talk will help you start looking at your work through a business lens. You’ll come away with:

  • Strategies to create your own opportunities
  • Metrics to define your success
  • Nuts & bolts business and marketing tactics
  • Quick business launch tips and strategies offered to those just starting out

Bio for Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch

Straight lines and hard categories have never been for me. At Purchase, my academic journey took me from Visual Arts to a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, before finally ending up with the Bell Chevigny Award for Feminist Studies in the Humanities for my senior thesis, and a degree in English Literature.

Professional life was much the same—filled with twists, turns, and reinventions. After starting at a new media nonprofit during the tech boom of the 90s, I moved over to advertising and promotion at a major publishing house.

In 2007, I left corporate life to work for myself while getting an M.A. in Graphic Communications Management & Technology at NYU. My Capstone would be on Barriers to Women’s Entrepreneurship.

What followed was an exciting ride working with Fortune 500 companies, startups, and small business owners alike across at least a dozen industries on a range of creative and strategic projects. In 2020 I launched Mavyn, a marketing consultancy to help women business owners and entrepreneurs navigate their own windy paths to success.