OSCQR Workshop for Faculty


9:00am  — 10:00am


TLTC Conference Room and online via Zoom
Workshop opportunity for faculty/instructors on The Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) Rubric.

The SUNY OSCQR Rubric was developed to help faculty develop effective and engaging online classes, but the same principles can be applied to blended/hybrid courses and even the use of online tools to support face to face courses.  In this workshop we will review some key standards from the Rubric, and explore the additional resources at the OSCQR site to support faculty adoption of the best practices in online course design represented in the OSCQR Rubric.

As a quick preview, the OSCQR Rubric covers 50 different standards of online course design and practice, organized into six main groupings:

  • Course Overview and Information
  • Technology and Tools
  • Design and Layout
  • Content and Activities
  • Interactions
  • Assessment and Feedback

We clearly won’t cover all 50 standards, but will sample standards from each of the areas that will help you ensure your online, blended, or web-enhanced face to face courses are effective and engaging.

We hope you can join us, in person or online through Zoom (


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