Deadline: Professional Staff Council Professional Development Grants


Recipients have until this date to hand in receipts and other paperwork required for reimbursement unless a later date was preapproved for projects occurring after June 1, 2020

The Purchase College Professional Staff Council (PSC) recognizes that certain projects and activities undertaken by individual professional employees benefit both the individual and the College directly and indirectly. We also recognize that not every project can be funded (in part or fully). Accordingly, the President of the College provides an annual allocation to the PSC to fill the need. Professional Development Grant applications are evaluated by the PSC’s Professional Development Committee (PDC). Each application is reviewed to determine the benefit to both the applicant and the College. A broad range of activities may be considered including material support for scholarship, attendance or participation in professional conferences, workshops, etc.

July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 Period of Coverage. Grant activities must occur in between the dates of the period of coverage.


Professional staff with at least a half time appointment (.5 FTE) for one full calendar year.

Grants will be awarded to those projects that enhance professional development, increase the value of that individual to the college, have a positive impact on an operating unit of the college, aid the individual in developing professional skills, and/or will forward the mission of the college.
Projects of a more costly or ambitious nature may require demonstration of matching or complementary college or state funding.
For a list of projects that have been funded, as well as other projects that might be funded, please refer to Appendix A.

Each applicant will submit a proposal to Silke-k.Vigue@purchase.edu. The following materials are required for consideration:

1. A completed application cover sheet form including the signature of the immediate Supervisor approving the application.

2. A full description of the proposed project, including the significance of the project to the individual’s professional development, the anticipated enhancement of job performance, and/or the expected benefit to the college.

3. An itemized budget of the requested funds. Please indicate which expenses will be paid by yourself or another source. If your department has money in its operating budget that you can use for professional development, especially if it pertains to necessary training or certifications to do your job, you should use the money from that operating budget first, before considering applying for this grant.

4. An indication of whether or not funds for the project have been applied for elsewhere, and the status of that application.

5. At least one letter of support for the project to be included in the application materials submitted.

6. A short description of how the award recipient will report back to the membership of the Professional Staff Council (i.e. a presentation at a council meeting, a written report to the President of the PSC, an article for the profession staff newsletter, etc.)

*Please note that incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.

4. CALENDAR FOR AWARDS Fall 2019 Grants

November 18, 2019: Closing date for Fall 2019 applications
December 16, 2019: Recipients have until this date to accept or decline grants
December 20, 2019: Recipients will be announced to the campus community
June 1, 2020: Recipients have until this date to hand in receipts and other paperwork required for reimbursement unless a later date was pre-approved for projects occurring after June 1, 2020.
July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 Period of Coverage. Grant activities must occur in between the dates of the period of coverage.


The PDC reviews, evaluates, and selects proposals for requested funding.

A. All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the PDC. The committee’s recommendations for award approval and award amounts are forwarded to the president of the PSC. The president, in consultation with the full Executive Council, provides the final review and approval. The chair of the PDC notifies the recipients of the final decisions and announces the approved awards at the next calendared meeting of the PSC.

B. The number and size of awards given is determined by the quantity and quality of proposed projects, and the availability of funds in a given year. Priority is given to those who have not received funds in the past year, with top consideration going to candidates who have never received an award in the last five years, assuming all applications are of appropriate and equivalent quality. Proposals may be partially funded. In past years, the average award has been $500.

C. Scoring Applications

Applicants will be evaluated on the total content of their application package.

Criteria for evaluation includes:

1. Top consideration will go towards candidates who have never received an award within the last five years, and who meet all of the other criteria.

2. Justification for the project, including but not limited to:

● the grant application itself

● the benefit of the grant to the department, the benefit of the grant to the college

● support letter/s for the individual applying for the grant.

Grants must be used by the recipient for the exact project indicated in the original application. This includes specific locations, dates, and intentions. Any changes must be brought to the attention of the PDC immediately for review, to determine if funding can be maintained. If the recipient does not utilize award funding, and fails to decline the grant, the recipient forfeits submitting future applications for a minimum of two fiscal years. Please be aware that a grant recipient must pay all project expenses in advance. This fund does not reimburse campus units, only the individual employee. Reimbursement occurs after completion of the project when the recipient submits:

a) a one-page memo to the chair of the Professional Development Committee, which summarizes the content and benefits of the project and

b) original receipts for the actual itemized costs, per approved application.

c) Recipients will present to the PSC on the benefits derived from the project either by providing a 10 minute presentation at an upcoming PSC meeting, submitting a written report, or by writing an article for the PSC Newsletter.

Grant recipients are expected to attend at least 3 Professional Staff Council meetings per year.


Please submit all grant materials to Silke Vigue, Chair of the Professional Development Committee at Silke-K.Vigue@purchase.edu

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