Panel Discussion: Haiti’s Sustainability Revolution in Agriculture


5:00pm  — 6:30pm


Performing Arts Center / Upper Lobby
Building Responsible & Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Haiti

Timberland (think boots, shoes and apparel) has become a major force in transforming agriculture in rural Haiti. Cotton is being grown again for the first time in over 30 years, with farmers planting trees to earn credits—or “tree currency”—which they use to pay for cotton and food crop seeds, tools to
work the land, and much needed agricultural training.

The combined result is significantly increased yields and profits for farmers, as well as 7.5 million trees planted to date and 25 million more projected over the next five years. 

Hear from the team leading this transformational venture: Atlanta McIlwraith from Timberland is joined by Timote Georges and Hugh Locke, co-founders of the Smallholder Farmers Alliance in Haiti.

They will also share details of the cutting edge new data app, currently in beta testing, that tracks and measures the impact of each crop on improving farmer income, combating climate change, contributing to food security, and supporting gender equality.


Atlanta McIlwraith, Senior Manager, Community Engagement & Communications, Timberland

Hugh Locke, President and Co-Founder, Smallholder Farmers Alliance; President, Impact Farming Foundation

Thony Loui, Haitian Designer and Comic Book Artist

Timoté Georges, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Smallholder Farmers Alliance