The Brilliance Barrier: Stereotypes about Brilliance Are an Obstacle to Diversity in Science and Beyond




Natural Sciences Building, Lecture Hall, Room 1001

Andrei Cimpian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
New York University

In his talk, Dr. Cimpian will propose that a field’s diversity is affected by what its members believe is required for success: Fields that value raw intellectual talent above all else may inadvertently obstruct the participation of women and (some) minorities. The environment in these fields may be less welcoming to women and minority groups because of the cultural stereotypes that associate intellectual talent—brilliance, genius, etc.—with (white) men. This proposal is supported by observational and experimental data from a wide range of fields in the sciences and the humanities, as well as by developmental data that reveal how early these stereotypes take hold.

This lecture is made possible by a generous contribution from Con Edison.

This event is free and open to the public. Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations in order to participate fully in this event should contact the School of Natural and Social Sciences at 914-251-6631 or in a timely fashion to allow making reasonable accommodations.