Riding the Roller Coaster: How to Manage Mental Health for Young Professional Lives


2:00pm  — 4:30pm


The Wellness Center, Fort Awesome, Room 136
The Young Alumni Engagement Committee of the Purchase College Alumni Association, in collaboration with Career Development and the Wellness Center, has developed a special program on mental wellness for young alumni, recent graduates, and current students.

How do you balance mental health with career shifts?

Struggling with a job search, the start of the semester, an intensive academic program, or going through a career change are common experiences for many alumni and students. 

Join a lively discussion on managing your mental health, guided by licensed mental health professional, Masako Hashimoto. Then enjoy a meditation session led by licensed meditation and yoga practitioner, Dr. Lois Wald.

What to expect: You will discover mental wellness activities, techniques and tips for how to manage stress and live mindfully through the twists and turns of professional and academic life. 

Reserve your spot by September 10.



Office of Alumni Engagement