The P.O.C. Experience at Purchase


9:00am  — 5:00pm
Posted on behalf of Kiki Livingston, student-at-large, who received independent funding from the PSGA for this experiential campus installation.

This semester the PSGA Finance Committee approved the funding for “The P.O.C. Experience.” Spearheading this is Purchase Student, Kiki Livingston, who has been working with the Multicultural Center and UsAF.  UsAF (Us As Fu*k), is a student run art collective that specializes in fighting social justice issues faced by people of color, has opened an exhibit on campus and invites you to come see and interact with the exhibit.

“The P.O.C. Experience” is a conceptual interactive art exhibit inspired by the rock wall used by the character May in “The Secret Life of Bees”, where the students of color on campus can leave an anonymous note and read the notes of your fellow peers about your experiences, your joys, your pains and everything in between as a person of color on this campus, in this country and in this world. 

“People of Color on the SUNY Purchase College campus have been in need of a space for emotional support and an outlet for their daily grievances. As the minority in a predominately white institution, there is no therapeutic space for people of color to openly vent, express themselves and support their fellow minority as they navigate life on this campus, in this country and in this world. We receive little to no emotional and psychological support for the tragedies that are done against minorities in our society or on this campus, and we are in need of a way to decompress.”

Because of this, its curators are asking that white-identifying students not contribute to the wall, but are invited read the notes of their fellow peers.

It is important for the Purchase community to know that this exhibit exists and why. “Within 10 minutes of this exhibit’s inception, 6 calls were made to the campus administration by ignorant passers, stating that the students prepping this exhibit were stealing rocks. That was not the case. They were simply people of color, making space for themselves, at a predominately white institution. Apparently, that warranted 6 phone calls.”

The P.O.C. Experience will run until the end of the academic year (May 2019), so please, we ask you to add to the exhibit every day. We are not stagnant beings, things happen to us every day. Think of this space as an open forum, a journal, a place to vent. 

The materials for “The P.O.C. Experience” are located in the Multicultural Center with instructions for the notes at “The P.O.C. Experience Station” table. The Multicultural Center is located at the bottom of Fort Awesome, beside Starbucks and the More Store.

For more information on this exhibit, please contact kiana.livingston@purchase.edu.

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