Purchase Performance Lab




Performing Arts Center, Passage Gallery

The Purchase Performance Lab Festival is a night of short works in which graduating Theatre and Performance students stage their culminating explorations into dramatic literature, theatrical forms, and production techniques. The Purchase Performance Lab encompasses a full season of senior projects and mainstage productions within the BA in Theatre and Performance program. 

Trifles, one of the first feminist dramas ever written, centers around the murder of John Wright. It takes place in the Wright household, where the men try to find evidence to convict Mrs.Wright, the prime suspect of the murder. Although they are investigating the home, the two women find; through the little “trifles” that are left around the house; that there is more to the story than meets the eye

Lacey Szerlip, Director

Ashley Driscoll, Actor


~Role of Della

The Role of Della​ is a comedic short play about a casting director and an actress. Through a power struggle  between the two characters, the play explores the ridiculous expectations placed on women in show business.​

Sarahanne Grillo, Actor

Rachel Kingsland, Actor


~Waiting for Antonio

Val and Eddie are two college students on a bench in Washington Square Park, waiting for their drug dealer Antonio who is “5 minutes away.”  As they wait, the two become locked in a familiar cycle of postgrad hopes and fears. Waiting For Antonio is an homage to college, New York, and anyone who has ever felt disheartened uncovering their purpose.

Tina Curcio, Director

Drew Palmer, Playwright

Rob Reddington, Actor

Sydney Gottesman, Actor