Meet and Greet with Elizabeth Acevedo


5:45pm  — 6:15pm


Fort Awesome
Latinx Heritage Month Keynote

Elizabeth Acevedo is a National Poetry Slam Champion, author, daughter of Dominican immigrants, and native of NYC. She is known for incorporating her Latinx roots into her work. She is the Latinx Heritage Month Keynote Speaker. This event is open to Purchase College, SUNY students.

Wednesday, September 19
Multicultural Center, Fort Awesome

SPONSORED BY: Casa Purchase, Creative Writing, Multicultural Center, Office of Community Engagement, Office of the Provost, and Theatre and Performance.

Image: Cover of the book The Poet X written by Acevedo. Design is by Gabriel Moreno Studio.

Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations should contact the Multicultural Center at (914) 251-6333 and in a timely fashion to allow making reasonable accommodations.