Art and Photography Exhibition


12:00pm  — 8:00pm


Performing Arts Center / Upper Lobby

Echoes of the City: Ancestral Figures to Urban Heroes

Photos by Audace Aziakou, art by Hector Sonon and Purchase College Printmaking Students
An exhibition featuring the photographer Audace Aziakou with Minon (“Our Mothers” in the language Fon), a group of photographs through which he revisits the presence of historical female warriors, the Amazons; and the political cartoonist Hector Sonon, with his series of drawings and watercolors highlighting Egunguns, Yoruba entities and modern heroes in today’s Beninese urban environment.
  View a selection of photographs and art from Benin, as well as art made by Purchase students in collaboration with artist-in-residence Hector Sonon (see Thu. 9/27 for opening details).


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