Friday Tour of the African Collection at the Neuberger Museum


2:00pm  — 2:30pm


Neuberger Museum of Art
African art has been an integral part of the Neuberger Museum of Art since it opened in 1974.

Among the splendid objects on view from the collection are a Ci-Wara headdress from the Bamana peoples in Mali, a Bangwa commemorative female figure from Cameroon recently attributed to the carver Ateu Atsa and a Dan figure from Liberia/Côte d’Ivoire attributed to the famous carver Zlan, a stylistically delicate janus-face Mende mask from Sierra Leone, a Tsogo/Lumbo harp, among the only anthropomorphic harp known so far in an American museum, and a large figure from the Bembe peoples (Congo) generally recognized for their artistic mastery in miniature.

Take a guided tour on Fri. Sept. 28, 2:00-2:30pm and Sat. Sept. 29, 12:15-12:45pm.

 Space limited: first come, first serve

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