Cannabis, Opioids and Pain




Student Services, Red Room
The goal of this lecture is to introduce fundamental concepts in pharmacology and human physiology underlying medical cannabis specifically related to the treatment of chronic pain. Attendees gain an up-to-date scientific foundation in a complex and evolving area of medicine.

The lecture will focus on cannabis history, the endocannabinoid system, physiological effects, and emerging therapeutic applications. Practical lessons in utilizing medical cannabis as a safe and effect pain treatment will be discussed supported by our experience in Minnesota and New York and the thousands of patients we serve utilizing medical cannabis to treat their disease.

Dr. Stephen M. Dahmer is a board-certified family doctor whose passion for health and healing has taken him around the globe. A fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, for over a decade he has practiced clinical medicine while studying the relationships between plants and people. Through his work he has interacted closely with diverse cultures providing patient-centered primary care and documenting their use of medicinal plants.

Aspiring to understand ethnomedical systems as well as the plants and traditional beliefs that support them, he has worked in divergent settings including Umbanda terreiros in the heart of Brazil’s second largest slum, Maori clinics in New Zealand, native healers on the Palauan Islands, and as a hospitalist to the Navajo (Dine) Tribe in Chinle, Arizona. Dr. Dahmer is Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Community Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York. As Chief Medical Officer of Vireo Health, Dr. Dahmer oversees the dispensation of cannabis based medications to thousands of patients, lectures regularly and fosters research related to medical cannabis and its role in promoting health and treating disease.

This lecture is made possible by a generous contribution from Con Edison.