Playwright Competition




Forall Theater, Peekskill NY
Hey Playwrights! Would you like to get your work seen? What if: You could have your show fully produced and on stage in less than a year? You, along with other amazing playwrights, would have parts of your shows live streamed online and voted on by an excited community? You would have signed contracts that protect you and your work for the future; you will also receive a small royalty for the use of your material? Forall Theater is committed to giving opportunities to our fellow artists. We know how hard it can be to get your name or your gifts out there. That’s why we decided to hold a friendly competition with, if we do say so ourselves, a pretty awesome prize- A FULLY PRODUCED 3 week run of your play to close out our 2018/2019 season (April 26-May 11). You won’t have to incur any costs- only the amazing potential of your work.