Webinar: Teaching Techniques to Improve Learning and Ensure Classroom Success


2:00pm  — 3:00pm


TLTC conference room
Come join us for this AAC&U webinar on instructional approaches we can use to foster student success.

AAC&U is pleased to announce the latest webinar in a series that highlights work being done at colleges and universities around the country to address challenges and identify best practices for enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

This webinar brings together a panel of award-winning educators and best-selling authors to discuss evidence-based teaching practices that have been proven to promote learning across disciplinary contexts.

Built upon an empirical foundation, this webinar will help participants explore concrete strategies that keep students involved, motivated, and actively learning. It will also cover a range of practical and essential instructional techniques, including student engagement strategies, collaborative learning approaches, and important ways to reconsider technology in your classroom.

“Teaching Techniques to Improve Learning and Ensure Classroom Success” will feature three brief presentations, moderated interviews, and an open discussion between attendees and the panelists, whose recent books include Collaborative Learning Techniques, Student Engagement Techniques, and Teaching Naked Techniques, among others. Attendees will leave the webinar with new strategies to incorporate into their courses during the coming semester.

There will be time for Q&A during the webinar, and participants are welcome to send questions in advance to webinars@aacu.org.

C. Edward WatsonModerator
C. Edward Watson
Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President for Quality, Advocacy, and LEAP Initiatives


Elizabeth Barkley

Elizabeth Barkley
Professor, Foothill College
Author of the College Teaching Techniques Series


Jose Antonio Bowen

José Antonio Bowen
President, Goucher College
Author of the Teaching Naked Series


Claire Howell MajorClaire Howell Major
Professor, University of Alabama
Author of the College Teaching Techniques Series


Keith Landa