SUNY SAIL Institute


9:00am  — 4:00pm


Humanities Building, HUM 1032, lecture hall
The Professional Staff Council is pleased to offer membership this opportunity to spend a day with two facilitators from the Strategic, Academic, and Innovative Leadership Institute. The overall philosophy of SAIL is to build confidence and knowledge through teaching leadership concepts and offering practice of those concepts through case studies, reflection, discussion, and developing “take home” goals and objectives to leaders across college campuses. Join us for a day of dialogue, conversation, and meaningful interaction with your colleagues!

Building a Collaborative Environment: shifting from isolated impact to collective impact

Higher education is built around silos (e.g., administrative, data, disciplines, and so forth). There is a tendency to organize around small projects or programs that have isolated impact. This workshop helps participants and campuses move beyond isolated impact and support a collective impact approach that encourages and supports meaningful and purposeful collaboration. This workshop walks participants through a five-step model of collaboration that is intended not just to bring people together, but to produce and sustain results.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Colleges and universities, more than ever, need leaders that possess high levels of emotional intelligence, the capacity to use reason and intelligence to accurately perceive, assess, and regulate emotion in managing one-self and others.  Research shows that great leaders are those individuals that are able to inspire others to act, help them find value in the work that they do, and work with them to co-create a vision for the future.  As higher education institutions face an increasing array of threats (e.g., shifting student demographics, altering revenue streams, and a rapidly changing workforce), participants will learn how they can use EI to more effectively achieve their personal and organizational goals.


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