Energy Healing Circle


12:00pm  — 1:00pm


Fort Awesome, Wellness Center room 136

 Energy Healing Circle is the first Wednesday of each month. Students, faculty and staff of all levels are welcome. Give it a try! Energy healing is lead by Dr. Nancy Reuben.

Anyone can come attend this Energy Healing Circle, even if you have never been before. 

Setting an intention simply involves you asking the Universe (God, Spirit, All-That-Is) for assistance in helping you to manifest the things in life that serve your highest good and joy. You can be specific, i.e. self-love, physical or emotional healing; you can also ask for more material things, or for healing for others. Start with yourself, and start with an ‘essence-level’ request like self-acceptance or non-judgment. You can ask for anything you want, and as many things as you want. There is limitless energy available to you. Like an affirmation, it is good to make each request concise and positive–what you want, not what you don’t want. It is also helpful to reach high, to ‘go for it’.

You may want to set some intentions for yourself before opening to receive the healing.