Tree-hugging Meets Rocket Science: Space-age Estimation of Forest Carbon Stocks




Natural Sciences Building

NASA’s Earth Observing Satellites provide us with a wealth of data on the health of our planet. Forests play an important role in our everyday lives but they are also a crucial component in the Global Carbon Cycle. Over the past 4 decades NASA scientists have continuously developed new cutting-edge methods to monitor forests and vegetation globally, using Earth Observing satellite imagery and data. In this talk, I will show the newest space and airborne technologies being used and developed to estimate forest carbon stocks and monitor their health, with examples of current and future projects that link field measurements in some of the most impressive forested ecosystems around the world – like Redwoods, tropical rainforests and mangroves. 

This lecture is supported by Sigma Xi and Con Edison. 

Persons with disabilities seeking accommodations in order to participate fully in this event should contact the School of Natural and Social Sciences at 914-251-6631 or in a timely fashion to allow making reasonable accommodations.


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