How to Survive Middle School- Arts in Education




Performing Arts Center
Great Potential Program students will attend Robert Post’s How to Survive Middle School at The Purchase College Performing Arts Center.

Comedian Robert Post barely survived middle school. Struggling because of various learning disabilities, he found that making people laugh saved him. This brand-new multimedia performance — presenting real issues affecting students today, including social media, testing, bullying, and peer pressure – uses video testimonials by students and their advocates, along with a generous dose of Post’s signature humor, to engage students and adults alike.

One of Robert Post’s childhood report cards in Columbus, Ohio, gave a hint as to how his future might unfold. Not amused by Robert’s antics, his teacher created a whole new column of categories describing maladaptive behavior. Happily for audiences around the world, Post stuck with antics. The result: a dazzling performance that’s sure to speak directly to student audiences and beyond.