Additional Portfolio Requirements for Transfer Applicants to Graphic Design

Your portfolio must consist of a minimum of twelve (12) and no more than twenty (20) examples of your work. The balance of the portfolio will be evaluated as a demonstration of both the breadth and depth of your visual interests.

Transfer applicants to the BFA Graphic Design program must include:

  • Four pieces with typography, one which demonstrates typographic hierarchy
  • Create 2 works based from one of the following open-ended prompts. We welcome creative interpretations:
    • An independent project (not an assignment)
    • A research-based (visual) piece
    • A piece demonstrating harmony
    • A piece demonstrating contrast

Both the self-portrait and the observational drawings are required of all applicants.

Additional Portfolio Information:

Label your images: Please list title, media, dimensions (where applicable) and provide a description of each piece.

Detail shots: If it is appropriate, you may provide detail shots of particular works. Be sure to indicate if an example is a detail shot.

Multiple views: If a single image does not adequately display your work you may include more than one image.


For additional information visit: School of Art + Design