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We are here to answer your questions! Email or call us at (914) 251-6500.

  • <div class="faq"><div class="question">Are you a high school student interested in taking a college course?</div><div class="answer truncate"><h3><strong>If you are 16 years of age or older, you may register for an <a href="/academics/continuing-education/personal-enrichment/undergraduate-courses-with-noncredit-seats/">undergraduate course with a noncredit option</a>. </strong></h3><h3><strong>If you are a rising senior</strong> you may request permission to take a course for college credit.</h3><p> Course descriptions and schedule information are available on the myHeliotrope <a href="" target="_blank">online course search</a>. We strongly encourage you to only consider lower-level (1000-2999) credit courses and you are responsible for meeting any prerequisites. Please submit the following documents:</p><ol><li>A high school transcript (official or unofficial) that reflects an 85 percent or B average </li><li>A letter of recommendation from the student’s guidance counselor or principal </li><li>A cover letter, written by the student, including phone, email, and course desired (course number and CRN), and alternate course(s) in case the first option is not available </li></ol><p style="padding-left: 30px;"> All materials may be:<br/> – Scanned and emailed to <a href=""></a><br/> – Faxed to <strong>(914) 251-6515</strong><br/> – Mailed or delivered in person to:</p><p style="padding-left: 30px;"> School of Liberal Studies & Continuing Education<br/> Purchase College, State University of New York<br/> 735 Anderson Hill Road<br/> Purchase, NY 10577</p><p> Upon receipt, the materials will be evaluated and the student will be notified via email about the decision within five business days. If applicable, next steps for proceeding with registration will be provided at this time.</p><a class="more" href="#">keep reading »</a></div></div>
  • <div class="faq"><div class="question">Where are your offices located?</div><div class="answer truncate"><p> We’re located on the ground floor of the Music Building, suite 0089, on the Purchase College campus.</p><ol><li>After you turn into the Purchase College campus from Anderson Hill Road, turn left and follow signs to parking lot West 1 (passing Lincoln Ave. on your right). </li><li>Bear right into the entrance to parking lot West 1 and stay on the road. Go under the overpass (the Performing Arts Center will be on your left). </li><li>The Music Building is on your right immediately after the overpass. Our entrance is on the far side of the Music Building. </li><li>Park in the West 2 parking lot and follow the walkway to our entrance. </li><li>There are 30-minute parking spaces adjacent to the Music Building for short-term visitor parking. </li></ol><a class="more" href="#">keep reading »</a></div></div>


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