Multicultural Awareness Open Forums

These forums allow for students the opportunity to engage in exploring topics of a diverse nature. Initial information on the topic is distributed followed by a casual open discussion. Sometimes volatile, sometimes controversial- these dialogues are meant to expand comfort zones and open avenues for new ones. Topics may include: Affirmative Action, Are Ethnic Student Organizations Racist?, The Hip Hop Revolution, and When is Free Speech Racist?

Multicultural Awareness Programs

These programs may be coordinated in collaboration with various student organizations. Two theme weeks per semester will contain various programs that celebrate and educate about the multiple cultures and subcultures that exist both in the Purchase community and in society as a whole. Programs are developed and facilitated by student leaders with LEAD personnel serving in an advisory capacity. The theme weeks for 2006-2007 are:

  1. Hispanic Heritage Week (September)
  2. GLBT History Week (October)
  3. Cultural Explosion Week (November)
  4. Native American Heritage Week (November)
  5. AIDS Awareness Week (December)
  6. Random Acts of Kindness Week (February)
  7. Black History Week (February)
  8. Women’s History Week (March)
  9. Asian Pacific American Heritage Week (May)