Office responsibilities:

Institutional Reporting

Provide a wide range of information in support of planning and policy making, including:

Government Data Requests

  • U.S. Dept. of Education - Integrated Post-secondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
  • New York State Education Department - Higher Education Data System Surveys (NYSED)

State University of New York System Requests

  • SUNY Institutional Research Information System (SIRIS) data files
  • Various surveys

Accreditation Reports and Data

  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • Higher Education Arts Data Services

Annual Publication and Other External Data Requests

  • College publications (US News, etc.)
  • Middle States Annual Institutional Profile (MSAIP)
  • Higher Education Arts Data Services (HEADS)

Regular Data Compilation and Reporting

            See Data and Reports link


Conduct studies to provide objective data to support strategies for meeting institutional goals and priorities. Some regularly administered surveys include:

  • CIRP Freshman Survey
  • National Survey of Student Engagement
  • Student Opinion Survey
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Survey