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Editorial Style Guide

General Style Preferences

In most cases, spell out numbers from zero to nine, and use figures for numbers 10 and above. Use commas in numbers of four digits or more (the school received 1,244 applications), except when referring to temperatures (2200 degrees Farenheit) or page numbers (page 1446). If a number must start a sentence, spell it out, but it is best to recast the sentence: Six hundred students attended orientation this fall could become This fall, 600 students attended orientation. Do not use superscript on the word endings -nd, -rd, -st, and -th: a survey of 20th-century poetry; in the beginning of the 21st century.


Use area codes for all U.S. telephone numbers, or at least once with a listing. This practice has become necessary because of the ubiquitous use of cell phones. One has flexibility in choosing styles for telephone numbers, as long as consistency is maintained within the document:

(607) 258-3000 or 609-258-3000 or 609.258.3000 or 609 258 3000
For 800 numbers: (800) 222-7474 or 800-222-7474 or 800.222.7474 or 800 222 7474
For international numbers (country code, city code, telephone number):
+22 (607) 123-4567 or + 22 607-123-4567 or +22 607 123 4567

Note: When using international numbers, a recommended form is:
Telephone    National                (607) 123 4567
                        International   +22 607 123 4567

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