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Purchase College Wellness Committee

The Purchase College Wellness Committee coordinates the educational and outreach efforts of the WELLNESS@PURCHASE program.

The Executive Board of the Wellness Committee is chaired by the Wellness Counselor, Robbie Morell.

The members of the Wellness Committee include faculty, staff and students from across the campus.  Members are representative of the following departments: Residence Life, Community Standards, Chartwells, Health Services, the Counseling Center, Physical Education, the Career Development Center, Human Resources, Computing and Technical Services, and the PSGA (Purchase Student Government Association).

The Wellness Committee assesses the health and wellness needs of the campus through surveys, focus groups, and other quantifiable measurement tools, in order to create educational outreach opportunities for the students and the campus at large.

Wellness Committee Sub-committees

Emotional Wellness:
Programs on emotional health, and stress management; Creates events and other efforts to educate the campus community about  Mental and Physical health, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Abuse, Suicide Prevention, Eating Disorders. Host Spa Nights, Rejuvenation Stations and Biomat for Stress Relief.

Creates events and other outreach efforts to educate the campus community about violence against men and women, sexual assault, healthy relationships and sexual health.

Spiritual Wellness /InterSpirituality:
The intention is to explore the many paths and dimensions of spirit both in solitude and community. We have a beautiful center for retreat from the busy campus, for meditation or just quiet and reflection

If you are a student, faculty or staff member and you are interested in participating in the Wellness Committee or a sub-committee please contact roberta.morell@purchase.edu

Updated 11/2015