Residence Life

Residence Life Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life seeks to provide a secure and well-maintained environment for students to reside in and provides learning opportunities that develops character and supports the college’s academic mission. Through social, educational and wellness programming we strive to provide a well-balanced environment where the rights of individuals are clearly defined and respected and where differences are highly celebrated. The Office of Residence Life is committed to developing a residential community that embraces the common goal of education and demonstrates the common theme of responsibility and respect.


  • To foster a residential environment that is conducive to students’ personal and academic success and to overall community development.
  • To provide opportunities for students to explore, understand, appreciate and respect individual differences.
  • To support the transition of students as they progress through various stages of development.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment while promoting holistic wellness.
  • To develop global citizenship through leadership development, personal growth and community responsibility.
  • Continually assessing our procedures, services, and standards to reflect the evolving needs of our students.



There are four core values at the heart of our efforts:

Facts, interpretations, data, and opinions… our pursuit of knowledge is one of the important journeys we engage, transforming our observations and influencing our own evolution and growth.

Physical, emotional, spiritual, and health… our challenge to maintain a fine balance is a necessary journey, staying attentive to our various dimensions that allow for a positive and holistic experience.

Communication, understanding, and respect… our need to belong and fit in is a demanding journey, finding our identity amongst so many others and integrating what makes us unique and what makes us the same.

Leadership, integrity, and contribution… our desire to make a difference and an impact is an enlightening journey, immersing ourselves in our experiences and finding ways to leave our mark, to be productive and positive members of a community and society.