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Official Panther Logo Transparent.gifInaugurated in 2002, the Purchase College Athletics Booster Club provides an additional and important level of support for our Intercollegiate Athletics Program and the young men and women who represent the College on its twelve athletic teams. 

We invite you to become a BLUE, ORANGE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM or DIAMOND donor as we enter a new phase in our growth as members of the NCAA-Division III and the Skyline Conference. These memberships mean a higher level of competition, greater travel opportunities and automatic qualifiers to the NCAA Division III College Championships. 

All donations will contribute to the growth and success of the program and can be directed to a particular sport or to the general fund in support of the total Athletics Program.  Your tax-deductible donations will be used to enhance team uniforms, athletic gear and team travel.

In appreciation of donor support, all donors will be recognized on the Purchase College website and at every home game in our athletic brochures.

Please join us in building a stronger athletic tradition at Purchase College by contacting Janet Shaughnessy to make a donation.



Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buse
Harrison Youth Soccer Club
Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.
Estate of Ellen N. Hosiosky
Mr. John Nestel 


Backyard Sports, Inc.
Mr. Daniel Bernstein
Mr. Mark A. Heffernan
Marshall and Sterling-Mr. Ed Kipp


Ms. Linda Capone Claussen
Mr. Christopher T. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dey
Ms. Patricia M. Fazzino
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Felice
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hallex
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Higgins
Mr. Rolando King
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas LaPadula
Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Eloise) Mangino
Ms. Alda Marceca
Mr. David Reisener
Mr. Russel Sands
Mrs. Heather Sarachek
Mr. Peter J. Stringer


Mr. Allan Abrams
Mr. and Mrs. Mic Ackley
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Berger
Mr. Steven Binder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Boyce
Ms. Carolyn Brunke
Mr. and Mrs. William Capone
Ms. Judith Anne Caughey
Champions Plus Senior Care
Dr. Paul Cohen, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen
Commercial Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs. John Conners
Mr. Joseph F. Curto, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daniele
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dykas
Dr. David Elkin
Mr. Remedios Esquivias
Mr. and Mrs. Eric F. Evans
Ms. Mary Ellen Fagan
Dr. Richard Findling & Dr. Dina Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Finkelstein
Ms. Ellen Fitzpatrick
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Giambalvo
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Grinnell
Hale Contracting, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hecht
Ms. Kathy Hennessy-Niemczynski
Ms. Patricia Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Janasiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jennings
Jordan's Hilltop Restaurant
Ms. Elizabeth Lamarca
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Mahla
Mr. Harold Morshhauser
Mr. Phillippe Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Murphy
Ms. Nancy Murphy
Mr. Edward O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Pauly
Ms. Marlene Peteani
Mr. and Mrs. David Plen
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Plen
Mr. Joel J. Reich
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Resnick
Mr. and Mrs. Art Ruhland
Rye Bagels Ltd. (DBA Lenny’s Bagels)
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schack
Mr. Richard A. Seltzer
Skeist Family Charitable Trust
Ms. Ellen Slenker
Mrs. Adele Stabile
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stone
Ms. Lillian Sweeny
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Torchia
Mr. Kenneth E. Turow
Mr. and Mrs. Gary VanHoy
Mr. James F. Witt
Ms. Maryann Wojcik


Mr. and Mrs. Scott Augenbaum
Mrs. Deborah Arnet
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Brothers
Mr. Timothy J. Caughey
Mr. and Mrs. John Cebollero
Mr. Joseph A. Cebollero
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Coburn
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Conde
Mr. Cravens-MDC Sports
Mr. Nicholas J. Crimeni
Mr. Bruce Daniele
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Dubin
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dykas
Ms. Miriam K. Enoy
Mr. and Mrs. John Farrelly
Ms. Joanne V. Felice
Mr. and Mrs. Raomond Fetky
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Frenkel
Ms. Linda Gentile
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gwin
Ms. Roseanne Hantz
Ms. Evelyn Hecht
Mrs. Donna Hecht Sutton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hensel
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Honan
Mr. Theodore E. Hoye III
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Janasiewicz
Mr. Brewster P. Jennings
Ms. Cornelia C. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lancaster
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan J. Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Luiggi
Mr. Richard Loe & Mrs. Carol Seager
Mr. and Mrs. David Majoros
Ms. Cara D. Mangino
Mr. and Mrs. David Marder
Ms. Lauren Marder
Mr. and Mrs. John Markes
Ms. Jessica L. Markowitz
Mr. Sean McElroy & Ms. Edith A. Cushing
Mr. Daniel P. McDermott, Jr.
Mr. John Miota
Mr. Erik Morschhauser
Dr. Gisele Muller-Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Muller
Ms. Maureen J. Munger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murawski
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth V. Pugno
Ms. Lori D. Smith Robbins
Ms. Amy S. Rosen
Drs. Louis and Maria Rosenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rubinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Ryan
Mr. Ira Schepetin
Dr. and Mrs. Allan Schmerler
Mrs. Carol Slattery
Mr. Richard D. Slenker
Ms. Jane Springer
Ms. Peggy Sung
Ms. Corinne A. Tracy
Mr. James O. Trister
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Waldo
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Winkler


Mr. Thomas Alexander & Ms. Cathleen Torrisi
Mr. Danny R. Alvarado
Ms. Alice Arnet
Ms. Kathleen Arnet
Ms. Alice Augenbaum
Ms. Brenda Ayers
Ms. Mary Kathryn Baker
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Boyce
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boyce
Ms. Mary Beth Boylan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Brennan
Ms. Diane Brockett
Ms. Elizabeth M. Brothers
Ms. Carol Brown
Mr. David Cabrera
Ms. Kimberly A. Canterberry
Cartridge World
Mr. Frank Cavaioli
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cedolin
Ms. Cindy M. Chute
Ms. Cristina Cluzet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cohen
Mr. Rob Constantine
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Conti
Mr. Brian J. Countryman
Mr. and Mrs. Louis DiFoggio
Mr. and Mrs. James Donovan
Ms.Eileen Felice Winifred A. Dugan
Ms. Gertrude Elkin
Mr. Todd W. Evans
Ms. Ellen H. Fagan
Ms. Natalie G. Feinblum
Ms. Eileen Felice
Ms. Rachel Lynn Ferretti
Mr. and Mrs. John Frosolone
Mrs. Carolyn George
Mr. Thomas Grasso
Ms. Robin Grattan
Ms. Shelley Green
Rev. and Mrs. Saul Z. Hammerman
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hanly
Mr. Gregory P. Hecht
Ms. Ruth Heller
Mrs. Veronica Hennessy
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Horowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Kachmar
Mr. Jeff Kagan-Out of Bounds NYC
The Keymasters Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo S. King
Mr. Rolf Koehler
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Kortright
Mr. Charles Kozora
Ikuo Kumae
La Bella's Restaurant
Mrs. Marianne Ladalia
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Lerardi
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Levin
Mr. and Mrs. Conor Lowry
Ms. Margarita Lyman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lyman
Ms. Theresa Maldonado
Ms. Barbara Mangino
Mr. and Mrs. Michael (Andrea) Mangino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Manno
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Milazzo
Mario's Pizza
Mr. William Marino
Ms. Amy L. McCormack
Ms. Cherry S. McCurn
Mrs. Anne McDonald
The McKean Family
Ms. Lynne McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. William Mendez
Ms. Diann Metzkow
Ms. Eleanor K. Merlino
Michael's Pizzeria
Mr. and Mrs. John Moore
Mr. Francois Muller
Ms. Solange T. Muller
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nicolosi
Nail Nirvana
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Connor
Mrs. Mary Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Panettiere
Park Deli
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pearce
Mr. Michael Pekunka
Mrs. Mary M. Petrones
Ms. Barbara Petrucci
Mr. Deborah Polistena
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave Raitz
Ms. Sylvia Ramirez
Ms. Debi Reich Litzky
Mr. and Mrs. William Reich
Ms. Maryann Rempel
Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Ribeiro
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ricci, Jr.
Mrs. Marie Richards
Ms. Margaret Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Riley
Ms. Denorah Rivera
Mr. Patrick A. Rogers
Ms. Beatriz B. Ryan
Mr. Michael S. Sage, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Sanchez
Ms. Susan I Scaffidi
Mr. and Mrs. Vito Scaglione
Ms. Nancy L. Scheer
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Scheer
Mr. and Mrs. John Secreto
Ms. Irene Silberstein
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sleap
Mr. Robert A. Slon
Mrs. Joanne M. Solo
Ms. Caryn R. Solomon
Ms. Nancy Spenziero
Mr. Robert F. Steinbach
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Suher
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Turow
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ugenti
Mr. Richard Vergili
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wagenti
Ms. Karen L. Waldo
Ms. Evelyn Welge
Ms. Eileen A. White
Ms. Caroline L. Wingfield
Ms. Carolyn Witt

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