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Marketing Your Art: Preparing Your Creative "Portfolio"

For anyone looking for a job, one of the most important promotional tools is an effective resume. For individuals in the fields of visual arts, writing, public relations, media and communications, portfolios have also been an essential part of any successful job search campaign. Portfolios of one's creative work can be essential for all of the arts; including visual arts, performing arts and film. Your "Career Portfolio"  is the way you present your creative work, experience, accomplishments and shows specific samples of the work you have done.

Art directors, art buyers, copy editors, or any potential employer in a creative field wants to see not just whom you have worked for or interned with, but also examples of your creative skills. Creative professionals often use websites, videos, artist's statements or profiles, blogs, physical portfolios, printed work, demos and demo reels.

Whether building opportunities for freelancing, performing, securing film projects or obtaining long and short term jobs; the strategies you use for marketing yourself come down to your materials you use to "pitch" or "sell" or promote your craft. Your portfolio becomes the body of work that accurately represents you as an artist and the means to help secure a job.

Guide to Preparing Your Creative Portfolio

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Updated 9/2015