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On-Campus and Part-Time/Summer

On-Campus Employment

If you are interested in working on-campus you can find a variety of part-time opportunities in campus offices, departments and retail locations.  These “federal work-study” (FSW) positions or “temp service” positions are listed on Purchase JobScore

Federal Work Study
Your Financial Aid Award Letter will state if you have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of your financial aid package.  If so, you are eligible to apply to on-campus work study opportunities.   Search for On-Campus Work-Study under Position Type on Purchase JobScore

Temp Service/On-Campus Non Work-Study
Students who were not awarded "Federal Work Study" can apply to Temp Service/Non Work  Study positions on campus.  Search for On-Campus Non Work-Study under Position Type on Purchase JobScore

Searching for Campus Positions: View our step-by-step tutorial 

In the event that a department has not listed their opportunities on-line, you may also visit the departments directly where you are interested, and inquire about possible job opportunities.

On-campus departments and offices also offer internship opportunities.  Learn more about on-campus internships!

Part Time / Summer Job Resources

Part time and summer job opportunities can offer students a chance to develop new skills for the job market, as well as "try out" special career fields or industries.  These positions can be located by utilizing Purchase JobScore which allows you to easily search for and apply to part-time on-campus and off-campus jobs.  Other web sites to check that list part time & summer jobs are:


Updated 08/15