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Monthly workshops are designed to give students and alumni a comprehensive and practical understanding of career planning and exploration. Workshops are conducted regularly throughout the year. For Student Page.JPG

See below for a list of workshops that may be offered. To see our current upcoming workshops - visit our Upcoming Events Page.

Making Major & Career Decisions - Find out how to identify your career related skills and interests, research career options, and develop practical skills for making effective career decisions.

Trash Proof Resumes - Did you know that most employers take less than a minute to review a resume? Come and learn how to write a resume that catches their attention, gets you an interview, and won't get filed under "T" for trash! Get the basics for composing resume content and formatting, as well as how to target your resume for the job you want.

The Art of The Interview - Does the thought of having job interviews stress you out? Does it seem like your friends have mastered their technique? Then come to this workshop to learn the art of the interview - some simple steps to help you polish, prepare, and present yourself for the interview like a pro!  Topics covered will include basic interview etiquette, preparation strategies, and how to handle those commonly asked interview questions.

Marketing Yourself on Paper and in Person - Are you promoting your skills, knowledge and abilities as best as you can to employers?  Come to this workshop to learn tips to market yourself on paper (resume, cover letter, etc.) and in person (interview, job fair, networking). 

Marketing Your Talents - Find out how to take artistic abilities out of the classroom and into the real world. Concepts of networking, small business practices, and presentation skills will be addressed. Discover how to create a freelance business.

Your Job Search On-line - Searching for a job?  Most likely you are doing it on-line.   Employers are also searching for you on-line!  Come to this workshop to gain tips for maximizing your on-line job search, going beyond on-line and creating a professional presence on-line. 

Summer Job and Internship Search - Begin your summer job search with our office. Learn how to network for jobs that will help you to explore a future career path. How to conduct an internet job search outside the New York area.

Job Searching in a Challenging Job Market - In today‚Äôs job market, it is essential to utilize a variety of resources and tools to expand your search, uncover every possibility, and use current technology to expand and activate your network.  This workshop will also look at skills, career assessment and offer techniques for generating leads and landing interviews. Participants will also gain tips for maximizing your on-line job search and creating a professional presence on-line.

The "One Minute Commercial": Tips for Meeting Employers at the Job Fair Gain valuable tips on interviewing and learn how to convey your strengths, goals and skills to employers you meet at the fair. Prepare for the fair, and you will be ready to make a great first impression!

So you Want to go to Grad School? - Come to this essential workshop to learn more about selecting a grad program, the application process, admissions tests (i.e., GRE, LSAT), funding, & more. 

NETiquette - Find out how employers are searching for on-line to gather information about candidates.  In addition, learn to avoid common email mistakes that can prevent you from getting ahead in the job search.  Learn how to protect your professional life while still expressing yourself. 

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