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BFA in Printmaking: Academic Requirements

In addition to fulfilling general degree requirements, undergraduate students majoring in printmaking must complete the following requirements (81 credits):

Foundation Courses: 16 credits
VIS 1050/ComX: 1 credit
VIS 1060/Foundation Drawing: 3 credits
VIS 1070/Extended Media: 3 credits
VIS 1080/Visual Language: 3 credits
VIS 1260/3-D Processes: 3 credits
VIS 1330/Lens and Time: 3 credits

Art History Courses: 14 credits
ARH 1020/History of Art Survey II: 4 credits
ARH —/One course in the history of art before 1800 (lower-level): 4 credits
PRT 2500/The History of Printmaking: 3 credits
PRT 3330/Printmaking Now: 3 credits

Printmaking Studio Courses: 24 credits
PRT 2225/Lithography: 3 credits
PRT 2230/Woodcut: 3 credits
PRT 2240/Screen Print: 3 credits
PRT 2320/Intaglio: 3 credits
PRT 3335/Printmaking Studio I: 3 credits
PRT 4725/Printmaking Studio II: 3 credits
PRT —/Printmaking electives (two): 6 credits

Visual Arts Studio Electives: 15 credits

Synthesis Courses: 12 credits
PRT 3225/Concepts in Print Media: 3 credits
PRT 4850/Professional Practice: 3 credits
PRT 4990/Senior Project I: 3 credits
PRT 4991/Senior Project II: 3 credits

Updates to the 2013–15 College Catalog:

Effective Fall 2016:

  • PRT 2500 now counted as an art history course (formerly counted as a studio course), replacing a 4-credit general art history elective.
  • PRT 3330 now counted as an art history course (formerly counted as a studio course).
  • One 3-credit printmaking elective added to printmaking studio course requirements.
  • PRT 3880 and 3890 discontinued (6 credits total).
  • PRT 4880 and 4890 replaced by PRT 3335 and 4725 (no change in credits).
  • PRT 3225 and 4850 added as synthesis course requirements (6 credits total).
  • VIS 1250 and 1270 discontinued and replaced by VIS 1330, reducing the credits in foundation courses from 19 to 16.
  • PRT 2100, 2110, 2120, and 2130 have been retitled and renumbered as PRT 2320, 2225, 2240, and 2230 respectively.

Effective Fall 2014:

  • All courses previously offered under the VPR prefix are now offered under the PRT prefix. The senior project (formerly PRT 4990, two semesters, 6 credits total) is now PRT 4990/Senior Project I and SCP 4991/Senior Project II, 3 credits each.

Updated April 12, 2016

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