Paralegal Certificate Course©

This intensive, nationally acclaimed course is designed for both beginning and advanced legal workers. Students will be trained to interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, prepare legal documents, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. Complete the course in two consecutive seven-week sessions (to receive a certificate, both sessions must be successfully completed). Students may begin their study with any online session offered. Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of completion and 9 continuing education units (CEUs).

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Advanced Paralegal Certificate Course

Advanced topics in specialized facets of contemporary law build on the paralegal certificate course. Students choose six of the 15 advanced paralegal course topics to complete the requirements. Each course topic is offered in a seven-week online session. Students may take up to three topics during a seven-week online session, and topics do not have to be taken in any particular order. Those who successfully complete at least six advanced topics will be awarded a certificate of completion and 27 continuing education units (CEUs).

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Successful completion of the paralegal and advanced paralegal certificate programs prepares you for the Paralegal CORE Competency Exam™ (PCCE), offered by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA). Those who pass this exam are certified through NFPA and may display the CRP™ designation after their name.

Required Books/Materials – Paralegal Certificate Course©
Westlaw Student Subscription
Introduction to Paralegalism, 7th edition - ISBN 1-4354-0006-2
Paralegal Certificate Course Workbook - Golden: The Center for Legal Studies, 2010 by Margaret J. Kirk.
Legal Document Preparation Manual for the Paralegal Certificate Course©, Golden: The Center for Legal Studies, 2013
A Uniform System of Citation - ISBN 9780615361161
Paralegal Career for Dummies - Hoboken: Wiley Publishing, Inc., 2006 by Scott A. Hatch and Lisa Zimmer Hatch.
Federal Civil Rules Booklet - ISBN 9781934852248
Recommended, But Not RequiredOran’s Dictionary of Law

Total Cost – Online or Live
(6) Required Textbooks Oran’s Westlaw Book Total Westlaw Total Shipping Total Cost
    $317.00   $31.70 $348.70
  $362.00   $36.20 $398.20
  $317.00 $89.00 $31.70 $437.70
$362.00 $89.00 $36.20 $487.20


Total Cost – Text Only
(6) Required Textbooks Oran’s Westlaw Book Total Westlaw Total Shipping Total Cost
    $288.00   $28.80 $316.80
  $333.00   $33.30 $366.30
  $288.00 $89.00 $28.80 $405.80
$333.00 $89.00 $33.30 $455.30


Total Cost – DVD
(6) Required Textbooks Oran’s Westlaw Book Total Westlaw Total Shipping Total Cost
    $221.00   $22.10 $243.10
  $266.00   $26.60 $292.60
  $221.00 $89.00 $22.10 $332.10
$266.00 $89.00 $26.60 $381.60


Required Books/Materials – Advanced Paralegal Certificate
Total Cost – Advanced Paralegal (varies depending on chosen topics – Online only)
Advanced Legal Research (ALR) Legal Research in a Nutshell $40
Uniform System of Citation $40
Westlaw $89
Advanced Dispute Resolution (ADR) ADR in a Nutshell $40
Bankruptcy Law No required Text
Business Law No required Text
Constitutional Law Constitutional Law in a Nutshell $40
Criminal Law Criminal Law in a Nutshell $40
Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell $40
Education Law The Laws of Schools, Students, and Teachers in a Nutshell $40
Estate Planning Introduction to Estate Planning in a Nutshell $40
Family Law Family Law in a Nutshell $40
Immigration Law Immigration Law for Paralegals $85
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property: The Law of Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, & Trade Secrets $198
Real Property Law Real Property in a Nutshell $40
Victim Advocacy No required text
Water Law Water Law in a Nutshell $40

All books are available for student purchase from Legal Studies office by calling 1-800-522-7737 or online at