a brief history of the purchase shuttle service

The Purchase Shuttle Bus Service began in Spring 2003.  The initial goal of the service was to provide service to White Plains when the Beeline was not running (i.e. weekdays after 10 PM and weekends after 6 PM).  With that goal in mind the student body approved a new “Transportation Fee.”  The PCA used the funding generated by this fee to run a single 24 passenger bus from 5 PM and until 2 AM Monday through Sunday.  In Fall 2003 the Purchase College Association began to hear complaints that the service was turning away students at the then peak hour of 5 to 6 PM.  With consultation of the PSGA, the PCA extended the hours to start at 4 PM.

The service continued with these hours until Spring 2005 when the County’s Beeline bus service was shut by a union strike.  The PCA, working with the PSGA, bolstered the Shuttle service to cover the lack of Beeline service.  This was a joint effort with the vast majority of funding coming from PCA.  The strike made it obvious to all involved that Purchase needed a service independent of the county.  The PSGA Senate voted to increase the fee by a small fraction which funding the service having one 24 passenger bus beginning at Noon.

This new service ran throughout the 2005-2006 academic year.  However, in that year there were new challenges.  Some students were housed at the Summerfield Suites while the College built the residence hall which would come to be known as “Fort Awesome.”  These students needed bus service as well, and so the loop was extended to meet that need.  This forced the PCA to cancel all Port Chester stops, and to introduce “Express” loops.  When Port Chester commuter students lobbied the PSGA and the PCA for limited service to meet their needs, the schedule was changed to accommodate two Port Chester loops.

It was also discovered that the 24 passenger bus was unable to accept all students at peak times, and so the PCA funded a 34 passenger bus.  This funding was above and beyond that provided by the Transportation Fee.

The PSGA, working with the PCA and various college officials, began a push in the Spring of 2006 to combine the Parking and Transportation Fees.  Once these fees were combined, the service received a massive increase in funding that allowed the PCA to begin running a truly unique system in the United States.  In the Fall of 2006 the Purchase Shuttle Bus Service began running a two bus system with two loops beginning at 7:30 AM (M-F) and running until 2 AM.  One bus 24 passenger bus ran from 7:30 AM until 2 AM, and a second 24 passenger bus ran from noon until 8 PM.  On the weekends a 54 passenger coach ran the two loops.  What makes this service unique is that it runs, on a daily basis, to off campus locations other than public transportation connections. 

During the winter break of 2006/2007 the PCA reviewed ridership data, surveys, feedback from students, and funding available and made significant changes to the system.  As of the Spring 2007, the bus runs from 7:30 AM (M-F) or 9 AM (Sat/Sun) until midnight (Sun-Th) or later (F/Sat).

There were nearly 30,000 riders during the Fall 2006.



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